Decolonising Assessment toolkit – Team Neptune

James Caddick begins this toolkit by considering the influence of a teacher’s identity on their approach to teaching, and provides a series of questions to invite reflection and action. The toolkit then includes practical steps for developing more inclusive assessment. Paula Rice highlights the dangers of assumptions with regard to the language used in assessment, and also the need to be mindful of how assessment is understood in different cultures. The authors then provide a comparison of British and Chinese approaches to assessment in order to highlight key differences. Bunny Winter concludes the toolkit with a practical example of how to approach decolonising the content of a project on Thomas Hardy with the aim of creating a more multicultural approach to assessment.

Suggested citation: Caddick, J., Leary, R., Rice, P., Wang, Y., Bascombe, J., and Winter, B. (2021) What does decolonising assessment mean? Journal of Useful Investigations in Creative Education.

Published on 25th October 2021 | Photo by Spencer Everett on Unsplash

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