Decolonising Assessment toolkit – Team Venus

Rachel James begins this toolkit by exploring definitions of ‘decolonisation’ in education in order to understand the power inherent in this term. Lucia Lu investigates the origins of decolonisation and observes important implications for international students, and the toolkit then examines the issue of institutional racism in higher education. Laura Holme highlights the importance of ensuring curricula are constructively aligned, and Vangelis Katsinas uses a musical metaphor as a way to show the importance of enabling different voices to emerge in creative education. Joel Porter and Laura Holme then focus on the value of decolonising resources to enable students from all backgrounds to see themselves in the curriculum. Rob Amey, Rachel James and Lucia Lu examine diversity initiatives and their potential to provide more inclusive assessment. Rachel James concludes the toolkit by proposing that universities are ideally placed to lead these changes.

Suggested citation: James, R., Lu, Xiao., Holme, L., Katsinas, V., Porter, J., and Amey, R.. (2021) Decolonising Assessment Toolkit. Journal of Useful Investigations in Higher Education.

Published on 24th October 2021 | Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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