Decolonising Assessment toolkit – Team Jupiter

Georgina Andrews begins this toolkit by presenting the names of fifty culturally diverse artists, making the point that as educators we need to broaden our own reference points in creative education. Richard Kilroy draws attention to the implicit bias in Fashion Illustration by highlighting the dominance of white skin tone. Ruth Lawrenson invites us to consider ways of drawing on a more diverse range of fashion brands and manufacturers in teaching fashion business. Steve North provides a powerful example of how forum theatre can be used to explore issues of racism as a way of enabling educators to become aware of implicit bias. Jing Wuo then focuses on how the use of artefacts in art and craft education can introduce students to cultural heritage and build empathy. Ben Minchell concludes the toolkit with an exploration of how developing our ‘feedback literacy’ (Carless & Winstone, 2020) can equip us with tools for providing more inclusive feedback.

Suggested citation: Andrews, G., Kilroy, R., Lawrenson, R., North, S., Wuo, J. and Minchell, B. (2021) Decolonising Assessment Toolkit. Journal of Useful Investigations in Higher Education.

Published on 25th October 2021 | Photo by Felipe Gregate on Unsplash

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